Top 5 Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Published on: 23/May/2017
Top 5 Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Flowering plants can add a lot of color and life to any garden and therefore they are widely appreciated by all. They can also purify the air and create a positive ambience. Here are some of best flowering plants that can be grown in the garden.

Bee balm

Bee balm is a plant that produces different shades of purple and red flowers. It is a major favorite with the butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Easy to plant and take care of, they also appeal strongly to gardeners as well. The flowering plant blooms in the partial shade of July for several weeks. There are many different varieties of this flowering plant and most of them grow to nearly 70 centimeters. Even when they are cut back, they can produce a second batch of blooms in early September. The most notable thing about these flowers is that they spread like crazy. The flowers are quite winter hardy and can bloom for about six weeks. Many of the variants of this flowering plant are known for their soothing fragrance.


The yarrow flowering plant is a major attraction for the butterflies and can add a lot of beauty and serenity to your garden. They are known to be very winter hardy and are ideal for those who are looking for a maintenance free plant in their gardens. The flowers look awesome when they are cut and brought to the indoor arenas. It usually blooms for about 12 weeks and comes in a broad range of colors.

Black-eyed Susan

For those who are looking to get a low-maintenance flowering plant that looks beautiful at all times, the Black-eyed Susan can be the perfect choice. All the gardeners or homeowners are required to do with them is just weed them from time to time. There are many variants of this flowering plant, such as Hirta and Goldsturm that attracts a lot of butterflies. All the varieties bloom for about 12 weeks and can look fresh for a long time when kept in a vase. They are also winter hardy which makes them a popular choice in areas with cold winters. The Black-eyed Susan flowers love getting ample sunlight and may grow up to 80 centimeters or higher.


Hosta flowers are some of the most well known flowering plants in the world and there are literally thousands of variants planted in different parts of the globe. While some variants are known for their beautiful flowers and great fragrance, others are known for their distinct foliage. These flowers should be planted around roots of various large trees. They are notable for being attractive to bees and other insects and are quite winter hardy.

Pincushion flower

Pincushion flowers are known for their bright colors which never fail to attract butterflies. These flowers bloom for a long time throughout the year, which makes it necessary for the gardeners to cut them back from time to time. They love to receive a lot of direct sunlight and can grow up to 50 centimeters.