​Reasons To Install Bamboo Fence For Your Garden

Published on: 27/Jun/2017
​Reasons To Install Bamboo Fence For Your Garden

Adding an attractive fencing to your garden helps to keep it secure and free of unwanted animals venturing inside. Unfortunately, many individuals opt for metal or artificial fencing that simply add yet another carbon footprint damaging the planet for good. It makes sense therefore to settle for a sturdy, environment friendly material that is not only going to keep the garden and your home safe but will also add to its aesthetic values.

Well, our forefathers were intelligent enough to choose bamboo as the best material for fencing their properties. While you may choose to construct the fencing yourself bit by bit by following a few proper DIY instructions, it might help you to save both money as well as time to contact a professional company specialising in garden services in Abu Dhabi. Bamboo fencing will come fully assembled in an easy to install mode thereby saving you a lot of hard work too.

However, you need to check out a few facts before you order bamboo fencing for your garden. Do read on for the details…

Bamboo Fencing Benefits

Sustainable- Bamboo is actually a kind of grass that grows at a rapid pace thus making it an excellent source for fencing material that is renewable easily. Bamboo also happens to be lightweight and sturdy that is simple to install while being able to withstand pressure too.

Variety- Selecting the type of bamboo suitable for your home fencing is not a tall task either. There are as many as 1000 different species of bamboo that come in a variety of shades as well. While it might help your cause to go for Moso or Tonkin Cane varieties for fencing your garden due to its durability, other types of bamboo such as iron bamboo as well as Taiwan are well known for their natural looks and will provide your garden with a completely normal look.

Cost-Effective- Being a natural material that is widely available, bamboo is not too expensive to buy. It is sure to be well within your budget especially if you are seeking it for fencing. It will be doubly advantageous for you to opt for a living bamboo plant though in lieu of pre-made commercial ones. These will not only give your garden a completely natural look but will also jell into a fence of good height from a tiny seedling or a base plant that can be planted on the outer edge of your garden or a shaded area without any difficulty. Buying the mother plant or the seedlings is sure to save you a good amount of money eventually.

Low Maintenance- While your bamboo fencing is going to serve you for years without having to take much care or maintenance, it will be able to withstand the vagaries of weather fairly. All you need to do is to varnish your bamboo fencing once it has been installed and continue to do it once every year. Cleaning it with the aid of soap and water will keep it sparkling and free from fading for a long period thereafter.