Landscaping and gardening services in Abu Dhabi

Landscaping and gardening services in Abu Dhabi

At Al Shajar, we want your landscape to be your ideal natural outdoor garden. We achieve this by creating a dazzling landscape of lush green grass, trees and shrubs along with beautiful flower displays. Services that the Al Shajar offers include:

- Designing landscape perspective plan for indoor and outdoor
- Choosing best suitable plants listing under palms, trees, shrubs, hedges, ground covers, seasonal flowers and grass
- Testing the soil and choosing the appropriate nutrients needed for the optimum growth of the plants including soil reclamation work
- Estimating the project value and its duration
- Executing the project abiding international standards
- Maintaining of all plants to the highest standard of horticultural display, healthy growth of plants and good appearance

Our team of experts will make it happen as you want it to be. They also execute the following services:
- Weed control
- Pruning, clipping, shrubs shaping, hedge trimming
- Grass and ground covers maintenance
- Lawn mowing
- Fertilization
- Cleaning (collection of dead leaves, fallen branches, grass clippings and other debris)

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